We stock a wide range of both single and double wall cardboard boxes,

However due to storage restrictions we only keep a small amount of stock on site.


Other stock sizes available.

Bespoke sizes subject to minimum order

Please call 01803 522513 for a quote


Below are some of our more popular sizes


All measurments are in Inches


Width x Depth x Height



Single Wall Double Wall
4x4x4 9x6x6
5x5x5 10x10x10
6x6x6 12x9x6
9x6x6 12x12x6
10x8x8 12x12x8
10x10x10 12x12x12
12x9x3 16x16x16
12x9x6 18x12x10
12x9x9 18x12x12
15x10x10 24x18x18
18x12x12 18x18x30