So, it’s almost Christmas time, the busiest time of year for shops, retailers and online stores. As customers flock through your doors, have you thought about gift packaging options for their purchases?  

Here at Doran Packaging UK we provide various packaging products which are considered to be eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, plus a few other goodies…

Twist handle carrier bags

These come in a variety of striking colours and sizes. These popular recyclable bags are both elegant and sturdy: perfect for gift shops, boutiques and other small businesses.

Rope handle gift bags

These popular bags are both stylish and robust and are suitable for a variety of retail shops and small businesses this winter.

Tissue paper

Why not accompany our fantastic paper carrier bags with our tissue paper?  Recyclable sheets come in yellow, green, blue and white.

Wine bottle bags

Here at Doran packaging we supply a wide selection of wine bottle bags. These carriers are ideal for a variety of gift shops and boutiques and are an excellent choice of gift wrap for Christmas.

Cake drums

If you are planning on selling Christmas cakes this winter, our square or round foil coated cake drums, found in a variety of sizes, are perfect for displaying your baking creations.

We have an excellent reputation for quality products at the best prices, prompt delivery and for going the extra mile wherever possible. For further information or advice, please contact us.